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About Us
    P. O. Box 130
    Riverton, UT 84065
Personal Knitting and Design Experience:
    I've been a hand knitter and seamstress all my life (my mom had a yarn shop for 30 years), and was introduced to knitting machines around the turn of the Millennium. I was amazed at the speed at which I could produce items and the quality they produced and quickly got hooked.

    Being an artist in various mediums, I am thrilled to be able to create wearable art with the fibers available for knitting. I usually start with a basic pattern and spice it up with use of color or fancy stitches. My two favorite machine knitting toys are the SilverReed SK860 (electronic) and the Brother KH970 (electronic). I like the electronics, because I can use Design-A-Knit (computer-aided design software) to design patterns and garment shapes, then download those creations to the knitting machine, thread up the colors and away I go.

    I can knit up custom designs for you or your organization.

How the Store Came About:

    I got my first machines from the (then) nearest dealer. But that dealer was a 3-hour drive away, so I decided there was a need for a closer source of machines, accessories and yarn, and made the leap to become a dealer myself.

    I had opriginally wanted to also carry products that enable one to take the material off the back of the critter (ie sheep, alpacca or llama) and turn it into fibers that can be fashioned into a garment. Thus the name Back to Back Knits, but decided to just stay with the knitting end of the process.

    Currently, I am an authorized dealer for SilverReed Knitting machines, Design-A-Knit software and various yarns. However, in keeping (a little) with the original idea, I have recently added to my store some batts and rovings from the animals on my farm.


    I work out of my home, and can do demonstrations or classes on a by-appointment basis. Of course, some of my business will also be via the internet and mail order. I offer help to anyone who buys from me, but I can only give personal, hands-on lessons if you live nearby, or if you are willing to pay my travelling expenses to come to your house (especially if you live in, say, Hawaii :-)

    Since I operate with very little inventory, and have a very low overhead, I am able to offer prices at a discount.

    Due to the economy... I am experimenting with methods of payment. I still accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) but am thinking of phasing to Paypal only.

    As of July, 2011, I have moved my store once again. It is now back at the URL. The website for my other creative efforts is (it will be fully stocked by the end of the summer).

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