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His and Hers Lap Blankets

free pattern - His and Hers Lap Blankets

Machine used: Brother Bulky gauge
(can be adapted for any machine -- just use all available ndls and adjust number of rows to get an acceptable length)

Materials: Any worsted weight yarns

Tension: 7

Size: Approximately 35" wide by 36" long
(adjust number of stitches based on gauge to fit your needs)

Method: Tuck Stitch and Weave Stitch


  • Blanket #1:
    1. Finished-edge cast on all available ndls.
    2. Push the tuck brushes forward, and set machine to pattern with Tuck Pattern below.
    3. K 4 rws of each color, for 300 rws.
    4. Border:
      1. Done with ribber attached, using one of the colors in the blanket.
      2. Set up for 1x1 rib.
      3. Cast on 8 (R1-R8) sts with waste yarn and knit a few rws.
      4. Transfer sts so that sts R1, R4, and R8 are on ribber bed, and R2,R3,R5,R6,R7 are on main bed.
        - | | - | | | -
        | - - | - - - |
      5. T5 on main bed, T4 on ribber.
      6. Set ribber to slip one way.
      7. K the band as long as you need it to go all the way around the blanket.
      8. Hand sew the band to the blanket.

    charted tuck pattern
    Charted Tuck Pattern
    knitted tuck pattern
    Knitted Tuck Pattern

  • Blanket #2:
    1. Thread main yarn onto machine.
    2. Finished-edge cast on all available ndls.
    3. Install the weaving brushes, and set machine to pattern with Weave Pattern below.
    4. K 220 rws in weave patt. (To knit in weave, lay weave yarn across the selected ndls and K across).
    5. Border:
      1. Single crochet 2 rws all the way around the blanket.

Charted weave pattern
Charted Weave Pattern
knitted weave pattern
Knitted Weave Pattern


  • K = knit
  • R1-R8 = ndls one through 8 to the right of the center of the bed
  • sts = stitches (st = stitch)
  • rws = rows (rw = row)
  • ndls = needles (ndl = needle)

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