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    Matching Lap Blankets
    Here is a project I did for a 50th anniversary gift--his and hers lap blankets--and thought I'd share the patterns with you. They are both done in the same colors with different patterns.

    Pet's Christmas Stocking
    Don't forget your furry friends on Christmas morning. This paw-shaped stocking is an easy cut and sew project that will delight your pets (well, the stocking will certainly delight you, the pets will only care about what you fill it with :-).

    Child's Sweater
    This easy sweater with a fairisle band will fit a child with a 23" chest.

    Indigo Denim Polo
    A comfortable, shirt that will feel great with your favorite blue jeans.

    Easter Eggs
    An intarsia pattern to decorate for easter.

    Trout Motif
    This is the trout motif used in the hand colored trout sweater in the gallery.

Instructions and Tips

    Design-A-Knit Tips and Tutorials
    Using Design-A-Knit computer aided drafting software will make designing your knitting projects a breeze. But, there is a learning curve. Here are some articles on tips to help you understand how to make the best of the software.

    How to wrap a Navajo-style warp
    For weaving. If you have a Navajo-style loom, and want to have a warp with a finished edge, this is how you do it.

    How to Needle Felt
    One method of felting is to use a barbed needle to poke the wool onto another wool surface.

    Inset Pockets
    A quick tip on inset pockets to start things off. Insets are an alternative to patch pockets and can give a smoother finish to your garment.

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