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Inset Pockets

A quick tip on inset pockets to start things off. Sizes are estimates, use the sizes that corresponds to the garment you are making, and the tension you are getting.

Assumptions: Based on our guage and garment size, our pocket needs to be 40sts by 40 rows for this example. The garment piece will need to be 90 sts wide. We are going to put our pocket right in the middle of the garment piece, and flush with the bottom band of the piece. We are also using a wrong-side facing design (like stockinette).

Knit up the pocket before you start the garment piece. Take off on scrap yarn.

Knit the garment piece up to the point that will be the top of the pocket. (Knit the 90 stitches for 40 rows.)

Now we are going to attach the pocket and continue knitting. Take the center 40 sts off on scrap yarn, and hang the pocket's 40 stitches on those needles. The pocket will be in front of the dropped stitches of the garment piece. Before you bring the carriage across to make the pocket and garment piece one, make sure the dropped stitches (now behind the pocket) are free of the carriage. Continue knitting the piece until finished.

Re-hang the dropped stitches being held on waste yarn, and knit a band to finish the pocket.

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